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"Archival Management Services offers professional solutions for the records management challenges that many organizations face today." 

Since 2004, AMS has been providing records and information management solutions to organizations in the public and private sectors. By applying our management and organizational services to our client's documents - whether physical or electronic - accessibility, compliance, and the ability to share information across departments, regional offices, or globally within the company becomes fast, and secure.


With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, our team has consulted on projects and implemented programs of various sizes.


We work with our clients to develop a framework for a records and information management program that supports their objectives, complies with regulatory requirements and reduces risk and operational cost. Our experienced consultants and records coordinators develop policies and procedures based on Corporate Policy, set up filing structures and procedural guidelines, digitally input and migrate data, and implement retention schedules and classification systems in line with corporate, audit, and legal requirements.



Our core service offerings position us as an extension of our clients' daily operational functions in corporate records, using our experienced team to provide backroom support for timely and effective processing of records lifecycle management. Whether onsite or through secured remote access, we help our clients realize cost savings through quick, reliable access to information, reduction in FTE's (full time equivalent) or staff turnover costs associated with training, lost time, and backlogs.

Privacy and Security

The security and protection of information assets is our vocation. Our staff are trained on security, protection, and confidentiality of information assets as a standard employment practice and are screened and cleared by CPIC as a prerequisite to being hired. Our Management Team and Key Project Staff are also trained on FIPPA and cleared through MGS's Security Services and Contingency Planning Branch (SSCPB). Our clients trust us with their irreplaceable assets and institutional memory.  


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