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Our experienced team always approaches projects by applying our unique RIM solutions to put in place, or to maintain, successful RIM programs.  Our service offering can be customized to meet every need, wholly as a project, or separately as a one-time service.


● Organize physical and electronic records according to filing structure / file plans in order to support lifecycle management and to clean-up inventory as a one-time project or as part of a maintenance program.

● Identify records by cataloguing at the container, file and document levels for easy and reliable identification to empower users through accessibility and sharing of information.

● File information using naming conventions consistent across organization, date format and date range to easily migrate records through active, semi-active and in-active stages for lifecycle management.

● Control records and record keeping costs by retaining records based on retention schedules and actively purge old, expired or transitory records to comply with RM Policy and legislation.

● Scan hardcopy records, whether as a back-file project, or converting records to searchable images to make information readily accessible and reduce ongoing handling costs.




Records & Information Management

We put together structures, policies, procedures and controls to effectively manage information to meet regulatory compliance, reduce risk and cost to effectively support operational requirements.  We will consult with you to gain a thorough understanding of your RIM challenges and objectives; discuss and report on findings; and develop a framework for a sustained and successful program.


● Assessment of current state of RIM program for the administration of records throughout their life cycle, costs and effectiveness of the program.

 File Plans and Classification Schemes structured to fit the functions of the organization.

● Retention Schedules to manage records from creation to disposition.

 Policies and Procedures for managing information and comply with all regulatory requirements to minimize risks, reduce record keeping costs associated with storage and handling, and achieve consistency throughout the organization.

● Work Flow to improve business process, eliminate backlog and promote accountability for day-to-day operation.

 Transition from hardcopy systems to electronic document management, scanning solutions and providing a roadmap for migration, managing costs and establishing compliance. 

 EDMS and Records Management Systems training on filing, imaging and scanning methodologies, and barcode technology to promote trust, confidence, and reliability of information accessed and processed for both hardcopy and electronic documents.

Our RIM experts are trained in the physical protocols of handling records that are sensitive, fragile, disorganized, deteriorated, etc. on a small or large scale and will ensure that your information is protected and secure at all times.  The upfront logistics work provides a solid foundation for a well-organized, professional and successful program.


● Inventory & Back-Log Clean-up of satellite offices, file-rooms, filing cabinets, basement storage, etc. to create space for current records and reduce storage costs through purging, shredding and transitioning to offsite storage.

● Sorting and Packing to organize records by records series, date range, departmental function, etc. in preparation for processing and providing standardized containers for records storage as needed, in preparation for processing.

● File-Room Design & Set-up to manage records on-site within a centralized controlled environment, with appropriate security, shelving, layout, location, procedural systems and computerized tracking.

● Relocation and Transportation services, whether centralized within a single office, or to remote satellite office sites.


Consulting Services 

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"...their outstanding people, “battle ready” processes, simple & easy to follow strategies and well defined metrics helped our company significantly improve our document management practices..." 

James P. Storozuk

Chief Information Officer

Ontario Realty Corporation 

“They lead the revamping of a critical part of Archives Operations and provided policies and procedures to assist in maintaining the new protocols. In addition, they were extremely helpful in assessing the Records Centre operations to meet concerns raised by the Auditor General...”

Miriam McTiernan

Former Archivist of Ontario

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